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Car Lease Broker in Scottsdale, AZ

Leasing a car through a brokerDid you know that automobile leases are negotiable? It’s true and using an auto lease broker can get you the lowest monthly payment for your lease—often with no money down!

For many consumers, leasing offers significant advantages over buying a car. For example, leasing makes it possible to drive a new car every couple of years and then replace it with a newer model at the end of the lease. You won’t take a financial hit from the value depreciation and the vehicle is usually under the manufacturer’s warranty the entire term of the lease, so you’re not responsible for major mechanical repairs. In the event, your lease extends beyond the warranty, you can purchase an extended manufacturer’s warranty to stay covered.
The benefits of leasing are clear, but most consumers aren’t experienced in the leasing process—and simply aren’t prepared to negotiate the best possible deal. That’s where Carsultants comes in.
At Carsultants, we’re experts in every phase of car leasing. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from searching wide automobile inventories for the vehicle that best meets your needs, to handling all negotiations with the dealership. Our objective is to ensure that you receive the best deal available on your lease.

Frequently asked questions about leasing through a car lease broker


How do I find the best lease?

Whether you’re buying or leasing a new vehicle, getting a great deal comes down to doing the legwork to find the right vehicle and knowing how to negotiate favorable terms. And for the average person who doesn’t have the time or expertise to navigate the many complexities of the leasing process, finalizing a lease can be an intimidating, time-consuming—and potentially costly—challenge. That’s why an experienced car leasing broker is your greatest resource in finding your dream car and negotiating the best possible lease deal.

What is a car leasing broker?

A leasing broker is an independent professional who works for you – not the automotive manufacturers, not the leasing company and certainly not the dealership. Experienced brokers have a vast network of connections with different dealerships that they use to find the vehicle you want. And they have extensive experience and knowledge about the leasing process, which enables them to bargain dealerships down to their absolute bottom line. The primary goal of a leasing broker is to provide you with great customer service and the best deal on the market.

How do car lease brokers work?

Leasing brokers will guide you through the car-leasing process from start to finish. First, they’ll help you identify the right vehicle by interviewing you as to what is most important attributes of the new vehicle. Then they will review vehicle reports and analysis based on key features such as safety ratings, fuel consumption and technology. Then, the broker searches multiple car dealers for vehicles that meet your criteria. And finally, the broker works as your representative in handling all negotiations with the dealership, covering all the details right down to cap cost reductions and security deposits. Ultimately, your broker will secure lease arrangements with affordable monthly payments, providing you with a great experience and none of the hassles of leasing a car by yourself.

Why use a auto lease broker?

There are two major reasons to use an auto lease broker: Time and money. An auto broker has the experience, expertise and connections required to deliver savings in both of those important categories. Finding the right vehicle by yourself can take many hours as you search for specific makes and models on the websites of different dealers, not to mention running back and forth between dealership lots. And once you’ve found a vehicle, negotiating a good price on a lease requires you to know at least as much as the dealer—from financing and fees to add-ons and sales tax. That’s a lot to ask for an average consumer, whether it’s your first time leasing a car or you have previous experience with a lease. An effective broker has worked extensively in the auto industry and has the leverage required to get the kind of great lease deal that only an insider can get. And brokers negotiate with dealers on a regular basis. They will do all of the hard work and have a completed lease ready for you to sign in much less time than it would take for you to find the right car by yourself.

Should you deal directly with a dealership or hire a leasing broker to do it for you?

Lease brokers maintain close relationships with dealerships, which enables them to provide you with the same terms and conditions you would get from a dealer. The difference is that by hiring a broker, you’ll have someone working on your behalf who knows how to hammer out the best deal possible. If you were to try to work out a deal with a dealership by yourself, you’d be up against a salesperson who is an expert negotiator with deep knowledge of the automotive business. This salesperson is more concerned with sales volume than your best interests. On the other hand, when you hire a leasing broker you have someone working on your behalf to find the right vehicle at the best price. Brokers have the ability to find vehicles from any manufacturer at a variety of sources—not just what one dealer happens to have in its showroom. Brokers also have access to the best lease incentives and discounts that aren’t available to the public. When a broker negotiates on your behalf, you’ll still sign your lease with the dealership. Using a broker, you are just a lot more likely to get a favorable deal and a lower monthly payment than if you’d negotiated your own finance and lease arrangements.

How do car leasing brokers make money?

Most lease brokers generally charge their customers on a flat-fee basis, so you’ll know up front exactly how much you’re being charged for their services. The amount of this fee is fixed and does not depend on factors such as the type of vehicle or its MSRP. In most cases, the fee paid to a broker is a small fraction of what you’ll be saving on the overall cost of the lease. The fee is usually paid half at the beginning, and half upon delivery of the new car. At Carsultants, our entire fee is only $750.

Are car lease brokers worth it?

When you add up the significant time and money you can save—not to mention all the frustration you’ll avoid—by hiring a car lease broker, it’s clearly a smart decision that delivers high value and the best experience possible.

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I cringe at 3 things in life - attorneys, the IRS, & car salesmen. Brian made the whole process absolutely flawless from start to finish! Relaxed, helpful, honest & fair. Just fabulous! I highly recommend for anyone looking for a vehicle to use these services. Thanks so much!

- Darren C.

My experience with Brian made my car purchase fast effective and easy…his expertise was invaluable for me as I have little knowledge or the time to do the research needed have made such a big decision on my own! I would recommend him to anyone who wants to save time and money and wants to feel safe and guided in their transaction

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