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Auto Broker in Scottsdale, AZ

Buying a new car can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Car salesmen make their living by getting you to pay as much as possible. They are definitely not acting in your best interests.
So why even attempt to negotiate a car deal with professional sellers who make it their business to squeeze every dollar out of you that they possibly can? The good news is that you don’t have to.
When you hire Carsultants, we do the all the difficult work of negotiating with dealerships for you—to get the best deal on the car of your choice.
Carsultants is an independent auto broker dedicated to saving you time and money. While a car dealer will work to get the highest price out of you, we’ll work for you to buy a car at the lowest possible price.

What's your time worth? It’s far too valuable to waste. So why spend hours haggling and negotiating the price of your new car when you can hire a professional to do it for you? And when you hire Carsultants, we guarantee that we’ll get you a lower price on your car - or we won't charge you a fee!

Sign up for a free Carsultation to find out how you can land your dream car without dealing with a single car salesperson

We’ll help you make a plan to find the perfect car without suffering through all the aggravation of the car buying process.

Get started by scheduling your free Carsultation. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Expert assistance finding a vehicle that perfectly matches your budget and lifestyle
  • Pre-arranged test drives at dealerships—You won’t waste a minute waiting around in automotive showrooms
  • Your own personal Carsultants bodyguard to protect you from aggressive, annoying automotive salespeople
  • Over 20 years of negotiating experience
  • Savings - Carsultants will get you the best deal possible or we won’t charge you a fee!

How to Save Time and Money—and Have Fun—While Buying or Leasing Your New Vehicle

You probably hate buying or leasing a car. Most people do—and for some very good reasons.

You don’t like being hassled or pressured, and you sure don’t like dealing with long, complex contracts. Not to mention getting ripped off on the sale or purchase price.

That’s why Carsultants was created.

Working with the people buying and leasing cars

Carsultants founder Brian Sinuk worked in the automobile industry for over 20 years, inspecting and negotiating trade-ins as well as running his own used car dealership. Eventually, Brian realized that he was tired of working against the people buying or leasing vehicles. He decided he’d rather work with the customers to help them successfully navigate the car buying and leasing process without frustration—and save them a lot of time and money in the process.
Now, through Carsultants, Brian makes it possible for people to actually enjoy shopping for and purchasing new vehicles or used vehicles. And his goal is to always get his customers a good deal.

Time saved: Helping a couple find their dream car in 90 minutes

Carsultants takes care of all the details to make things quick and easy for car buyers. Like the couple that desperately needed a new vehicle but didn’t have a lot of time for car shopping. Brian handled all the arrangements, finding vehicles that met their criteria and setting up appointments with the dealers. Then he escorted the couple on pre-arranged visits to three dealerships, where they took test drives for five cars—all without ever speaking to a single salesperson. They were in and out in just 90 minutes and drove away in the perfect car.

Money saved: Helping a customer save $3,500 on a new vehicle purchase and trade-in

Carsultants knows what it takes to get a good deal. With more than 20 years as an insider at car dealerships, Brian has the in-depth knowledge of vehicle values and the negotiating experience required to get the best possible price for his customers. Like the customer who came to Carsultants in search of the kind of deal that would allow him to afford a new car that he desperately wanted. Brian was able to successfully negotiate $2,500 more for the man’s trade-in and get $1,000 off the price of his new ride.

Sign up for a "free carsultation" and I’ll contact you to discuss your expectations and a plan for landing you a dream car without dealing with one single car salesmen!

There are many more examples of how Carsultants has helped save its customers both time and money. Check out some of the testimonials below from car buyers who hired Carsultants to take charge of their vehicle purchase—and then decide if you want to enjoy the same great benefits and services as these happy customers.

“Brian was instrumental in helping me find the best value and pricing when I was looking for a new car. I trusted his seasoned expertise and appreciated his overall care. Thank you Brian, for all your help!” — Michele E., San Francisco

“Brian took care of everything for me short of signing the paper work. He did all of the negotiations all of the phone calls. The experiences I’ve had with buying cars through Brian were fantastic.” — Les A., Gilbert

“Brian has helped us buy 2 Priuses, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with our experience both times. At the time of our first purchase there was very little available stock and we were motivated to buy before a government tax incentive expired. Brian was able to locate our perfect car and within hours he was delivering our new car to us. Purchasing cars that are in high demand typically doesn’t allow for much negotiating room, yet Brian has both times gotten us deals that we couldn’t have negotiated ourselves. We highly recommend his services!” — Jay & Carrie W., Phoenix

“Brian has managed my last four car purchases and now I can’t imagine buying a car without him. With his help and guidance, they have been the easiest, most effortless car buying experiences imaginable and he gets me a great deal every time! He does all the footwork for me before I even show up and I just arrive at the dealership and sign on the dotted line. I highly recommend Brian to anyone looking to buy a car. He will change your perspective about buying a car!” — Wendy B., Scottsdale

“Brian was fabulous. When I started looking for a car I really had no idea what I wanted, however through lots of questions and showroom visits, Brian was able to steer me in the right direction, weighing the pros and cons of the different models all the way to evaluating the finance options available at that time. He was extremely patience even walking the car lots in the dead of summer and ultimately led me through the purchase of my present vehicle. I am pleased to say I am very happy with my choice of car and could not have imagined tackling the overwhelming process by myself. Thanks Brian!” — Jennifer M., Mesa

“My experience with Brian made my car purchase fast effective and easy…his expertise was invaluable for me as I have little knowledge or the time to do the research needed have made such a big decision on my own! I would recommend him to anyone who wants to save time and money and wants to feel safe and guided in their transaction.” — Ginger K., Scottsdale

“Thank you for all your help in negotiating the prices and leases for the cars I have used over the last few years. You have saved me considerable time, money and aggravation related to these transactions.” — Ken D., Scottsdale

“Brian explained the advantages and disadvantages of leasing, so that I felt very comfortable entering into my first auto lease. He was also successful in locating the exact car I wanted, which included a rare combination of options (i.e., navigation and manual transmission).” — Marcie M., Tempe

“My wife and I bought two cars from Brian and we couldn’t have been more thrilled with the price and the quality of his care. We arranged for the purchase with him while we were out of town and Brian was always available to answer our questions. He made all of the arrangements so that on the day we needed the cars, they were available. He even picked us up at the airport and drove us to the dealership where our two cars were ready for us to drive them off the lot! Working with Brian was without question my best car buying experience ever!” — Craig W., Scottsdale

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Frequently asked questions about car brokers


Is an auto broker the same as a car salesman?

No. A car salesman works for the automotive dealership. An independent auto broker works for the car buyers who hire them. The goal of any car dealership is to sell the cars on their lot. The goal of a car buying broker is to find the best deal on the vehicle you want from the inventory of multiple dealers in various cities and even different states. Unlike car salespeople, brokers don’t benefit from upselling or trying to sell you a particular vehicle. New car brokers play by different rules than salespeople as they work to put you behind the wheel of the car that best suits your needs. After using a car broker for the first time, most customers realize that trying to negotiate a car purchase by themselves just isn’t a good idea.

What does an automobile broker do?
Car brokers are professional car buyers who understand how car dealerships work. A professional with an auto broker license works on your behalf to make the car buying process quick, easy and hassle-free. Your broker will start by speaking with you to obtain all the necessary information, including specifics on the type of car or cars you want to purchase—whether they’re new luxury cars or used vehicles, and whether they’re for business or personal use. Then the vehicle broker will get to work finding options that meet your requirements. Having in-depth knowledge and access to multiple dealership inventories allows them to find the right car. Once your broker has narrowed down the choices, they will schedule a test drive for you. When you’ve decided on the vehicle you want, they will conduct all the negotiations to get you the best price and terms.


How do auto brokers work?

Auto brokers are experienced professionals who are deeply familiar with all the ins and outs of car sales. They know the tactics of dealerships and the strategies of working a deal. New car brokers are linked to an entire network of dealerships and have the insider experience needed to cut through all the red tape involved in an automobile purchase. Luxury car brokers deal with vehicle salespeople on a regular basis, and understand how they operate. By taking charge of the negotiations on your behalf, they save you from all the hassle of haggling with a dealership. And their scope and leverage in the automobile industry allows car buying brokers to get much better deals than the average consumer could get on their own. They know how to get the lowest possible price out of dealers because they know exactly how much money the dealer will make from manufacturer rebates, extras and warranties. Your vehicle broker will close the deal so all you have to do is finalize the paperwork and enjoy a stress-free car buying experience.


How do I use an auto broker?

When you hire an independent auto broker, you’re hiring a professional who will do all the heavy lifting in the vehicle purchasing process. Luxury car brokers offer all the resources and technical knowledge required to work much more efficiently than any individual customer could. Which means you’ll spend much less time and get a much better result with your car search. In just a matter of days, you’ll be driving a new set of wheels without having endured any of the typical car buying inconvenience and aggravation.


Why use an automotive broker?

There are three basic reasons that people use automotive brokers: Time, money and convenience. Auto brokers take care of all the time-consuming steps of the car buying process, from conducting vehicle research to arranging test drives to negotiating. Brokers know how car sales and car dealerships work. They have extensive automobile industry knowledge about discounts and rebates, as well as the prices of vehicles, add-ons and extras. Through their vast know-how, independent auto brokers can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your vehicle purchase. And, unlike popular wholesale member clubs that offer a car buying service, a professional auto broker provides personal attention and one-on-one service.


How does an auto broker make money?

Car brokers typically work for a pre-arranged flat rate fee, so you don’t have to worry about surprise costs showing up down the road. The amount of this fee may depend on factors such as the type of car and the MSRP. In many cases, the broker fee is a small fraction of what a broker can save you on the overall cost of your purchase. And the flat fee is paid at the end of the transaction, only after the luxury car broker has secured your deal.


How Much Do Car Brokers Charge?

Flat rate fees vary from one broker to the next. At Carsultants, we charge just $750 to find the car of your dreams and negotiate the best price.
Other broker's pricing may vary based on the car you want to purchase and whether you’re looking at new or used vehicles. Flat fees are generally higher for some types of used cars, as well as rare or specialty cars that take extensive research and legwork to locate.


Is hiring an auto broker worth the extra cost?

YES! By using their knowledge to get the best pricing, discounts, and deals, a professional with an auto broker license will generally save you much more than the flat fee they charge—savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When you add up the significant time and money you can save—not to mention all the frustration you’ll avoid—by taking the important step of hiring a car broker, it’s clearly a smart decision that delivers high value and the best experience possible.


Sign up for a "free carsultation" and I’ll contact you to discuss your expectations and a plan for landing you a dream car without dealing with one single car salesmen!

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Verified Reviews

I cringe at 3 things in life - attorneys, the IRS, & car salesmen. Brian made the whole process absolutely flawless from start to finish! Relaxed, helpful, honest & fair. Just fabulous! I highly recommend for anyone looking for a vehicle to use these services. Thanks so much!

- Darren C.

Brian got me the greatest lease deal 3 years ago on my Porsche 911. He found me one of only three manual transmission convertibles in the country and still got me $10k off sticker. I'll be using him again in three months when my lease is up. This guy will save you money! Worth every penny.

- Greg W.

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