Putting the fun back in car buying

Hassle-Free Car Shopping

Purchasing a car can be stressful -- but it doesn't have to be. Carsultants makes buying a
car exciting again by taking our 20+ years of experience in the auto industry to help you navigate the
purchase process and painlessly lease or buy the perfect new or pre-owned vehicle.


How Carsultants Helps

Don't deal with difficult questions and situations on your own.

Not sure what kind of vehicle
you need or want?

Carsultants does an assessment to determine what vehicle best fits your lifestyle and financial situation. We create car buying solutions to satisfy all types of needs and wants.

Are you confused about
where to start your search?

We perform an initial virtual search to narrow down options. Then we go on site visits together and arrange test drives so cars are waiting for us when we arrive.

Do you feel uncomfortable navigating a
showroom or dealing with sales people?

Once at the dealership, we act as a barrier between you and the dealership so you don't get attacked by sales staff. We are what you can call, your "bodyguard."

Do you have a hard time
negotiating the best deal?

Once we have identified the vehicle you want, we work to get you the best price possible by using some of the many contacts from our 20+ years of experience.

Do you feel overwhelmed by loads
of paperwork and contracts?

Carsultants will scrutinize the details of the paperwork, checking for errors. And, we will help you avoid pitfalls that can arise during the contracting process.

Not sure what to do
with your old vehicle?

We will coach and assist you in selling your vehicle or getting the most value in your trade in.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Customer Testimonials

Brian has managed my last four car purchases and now I can't imagine buying a car without him. With his help and guidance, they have been the easiest, most effortless car buying experiences imaginable and he gets me a great deal every time! --- Wendy B., Scottsdale

Brian took care of everything for me short of signing the paper work. He did all of the negotiations all of the phone calls. The experiences I've had with buying cars through Brian were fantastic. ---- Les A., Gilbert

Brian explained the advantages and disadvantages of leasing, so that I felt very comfortable entering into my first auto lease. He was also successful in locating the exact car I wanted, which included a rare combination of options. --- Marcie M., Tempe

He even picked us up at the airport and drove us to the dealership where our two cars were ready for us to drive them off the lot! Working with Brian was without question my best car buying experience ever! --- Craig W., Scottsdale

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